Cocktail caipirinha

Très facile
5 min

Like the cachaça from which it is derived, the caïpirinha is part of Brazilian cultural heritage.

The taste qualities of TIJUCA Single Organic Cachaça optimize the tasting of this timeless cocktail that is both simple and delicious.

Jeremy's secret * : Traditionally, the caïpirinha is made with a white cachaça (little or not aged). A more sophisticated version can be made with TIJUCA BBR (see CAÏPIRINHA MORENA) . It is therefore advisable to limit yourself to half a lemon to preserve the subtle aromas of the rum.

* Jeremy Benettayeb cultivates the art of mixology at the Bel Ami, a 5 stars hotel located in the heart of the Latin Quarter in Paris, where he is the head bartender. Learn more



  • 1. Cut both ends of a lime
  • 2. Cut it in four and remove the white membrane (to avoid bitterness)
  • 3. Cut again the quarters into two equal halves.
  • 4. Place the eight pieces obtained in a glass and add the cane sugar
  • 5. Gently pound everything to dissolve the sugar in the lemon juice
  • 6. Incorporate TIJUCA Single Organic Cachaça
  • 7. Add crushed ice
  • 8. Mix with a spoon and enjoy with or without a straw