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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is TIJUCA?

Tijuca is the name of the forest, a national park, which overlooks the city of Rio. It belongs to the Mata Atlântica, a Brazilian coastal forest with a very high biodiversity (hot spot).

In 1861, after having almost disappeared, it was replanted by the will of Emperor Pedro II. This is the first great ecological gesture in history.

Who are we ?

  1. Tijuca is a young company from Bordeaux.
  2. It was created by a group of friends passionate about cachaça and Brazil.
  3. It aims to develop a range of inventive spirits based on cachaça blends.

How are TIJUCA spirits produced?

  1. We create innovative recipes.
  2. We import endemic cachaças from Brazil.
  3. We assemble them on site or in the Cognac region.
  4. We finish our rum in white port barrels.
  5. We use premium and eco-responsible packaging.

TIJUCA: rum or cachaça?

  1. Cachaça is a type of rum produced in Brazil.
  2. Like agricultural rum, it comes from the direct distillation of cane juice.
  3. Tijuca produces blends of cachaças aged in different woods according to original recipes.
  4. For its rum, Tijuca deviates from the Brazilian definition of cachaça by the sweetness provided by the finish in white port barrels.
  5. To know everything, click here.

What is a blend?

  1. It is a assembly technique commonly used for whiskeys and rums (navy rums).
  2. It is not just a mixture but a real recipe.
  3. It is a product at the crossroads of several cultures, traditions and terroirs.
  4. This is the guarantee of achieving a rich, subtle and complex aromatic palette.

Why are TIJUCA spirits natural products?

  1. We use fresh cane juice (<24h after cutting).
  2. We carry out a fermentation without adding products.
  3. We only do one distillation in a copper still.
  4. We do not introduce any chemical additives into the recipes.

Are TIJUCA spirits old?

In keeping with the Brazilian cachaça tradition, TIJUCA spirits are not aged in the European or American way.

  1. They are raised, for a few years at most, in different endemic wooden barrels.
  2. It is these woods that give our products such a special appearance.
  3. Our BBR rum also benefits from a finish in white port casks (French oak).

How are TIJUCA spirits new?

  1. There is no tradition of Brazilian rum.
  2. The blending of cachaças is very unusual.
  3. Our recipes are innovative.
  4. By its finish in white port barrels, our BBR rum is unique.
  5. Our next products will be even more innovative.

Why did TIJUCA take the toucan as its emblem?

  1. The toucan contributes to the development of the Mata Atlântica (Atlantic Forest) by spreading the seeds.
  2. This tropical forest is one of the most threatened on the planet. It has lost 90% of its original area.
  3. Humans are the greatest threat to toucans. They destroy their forest and drive them away.
  4. TIJUCA works to safeguard the Mata Atlântica.

Why does TIJUCA claim to be eco-responsible?

  1. TIJUCA practices fair trade with its local producers: fair price, sustainable agriculture, water management, reuse of waste.
  2. TIJUCA avoids the abundance in the use of the resources necessary for the marketing of its products: low mass and recyclable bottle, innovative policy of over-packaging.
  3. Part of the turnover is donated to a local community to preserve the forest: A bottle sold represents a tree planted in the Mata Atlântica.

How long can a bottle of TIJUCA be kept?

An opened bottle of spirits can be kept for a very long time under good conditions:

  1. Stored vertically
  2. Away from light and humidity
  3. Protected from extreme temperatures (Min 10° Max 20°)
  4. Once the bottle label is peeled off, you have a carafe indefinitely (BBR and TNW rum).