Although one of the most consumed alcohols in the world, cachaça remains largely unknown outside of Brazil. TIJUCA wishes to remedy this shortcoming by telling you everything about this endearing spirit.

Brazilian "rhum agricole"

Cachaça is an eau-de-vie, distilled from freshly squeezed cane juice.

Measuring between 38 and 48% alcohol, it is close to French West Indies "rhum agricole", the production of which it predates by several centuries.

Produced most often by hand in thousands of distilleries all over Brazil, cachaça, more rustic than rum, is the result of a more authentic distillation.

Photo de deux verres de cachaça.

White or aged

Cachaça can be consumed in its white version, that is to say bottled without going through aging in barrels, which gives it sometimes very powerful aromas, as if to relive the most intense hours of history from Brazil, time for a drink.

Cachaça can also be aged in barrels of a wide variety of different woods and this is what we do at TIJUCA to highlight the rich aromatic palettes derived from Brazilian biodiversity.

A national institution

A true national institution, cachaça is celebrated in Brazil on September 13: "Dia Nacional da Cachaça" to commemorate a successful revolt against its ban by the colonizing kingdom of Portugal in 1661.

The name of Cachaça is protected by law and its production is limited to Brazil.

Brazilian law defines cachaça as "the typical and exclusive name of a sugar cane aguardiente produced in Brazil (...) obtained by distillation of the fermented must of sugar cane with particular sensory characteristics and with the possible addition of sugar up to six grams per liter".

The paradox of cachaça

Essential alcohol in Brazil where 1.2 billion liters are produced annually, making it one of the most consumed spirits in the world, cachaça is, paradoxically, very little known to the general public outside of this country.

Main ingredient, most often ignored, of the famous cocktail: the caïpirinha, the cachaça struggles to emerge from the shadows as a tasting spirits while it deserves its nobility notes for its complex and different aromas.

At TIJUCA we are among those who act to make you know and appreciate this original and natural spirit.