Bouteille de rhum Tijuca posée sur un tronc d'arbre à la plage

Bottled biodiversity

It is in the woods of Mata Atlântica, a coastal forest in the state of Rio de Janeiro, that the cachaças used in the composition of TIJUCA spirits are born and raised.

Photo de l'intérieur d'une distillerie au Brésil

An original recipe

TIJUCA Blended Brazilian Rum was born from an original recipe assembling five high quality cachaças from different terroirs of the State of Rio de Janeiro in Brazil.

Cachaça is the Brazilian name for rum made from the pure juice of fresh cane, cut by hand and pressed without delay.

Our five cachaças are distilled in copper stills and aged on site by rigorously selected local producers.

Photo de nombreux fûts de chêne entreposés à l'extérieur face à une montagne

Woods and more wood

Aging in barrels made from different endemic woods of Mata Atlântica is at the origin of the distinctive aromatic palette of TIJUCA Blended Brazilian Rum, each of these woods bringing its originality.

Finally, a blend by the cellar masters of the Cognac region in France has forged a unique identity for TIJUCA Blended Brazilian Rum, enhanced by a finish in oak barrels that have previously contained white port.

A small batch

TIJUCA Blended Brazilian Rum is a natural product, low in sugar and without artificial additives.

It is ideal for tasting and brings its exceptional qualities to cocktails.

TIJUCA Blended Brazilian Rum is produced in the form of a small batch: 6650 bottles.

It must be stored vertically, in a dry place, at a constant temperature (10 to 20º celsius) and away from direct light.

We wish you a great discovery of TIJUCA rum and hope that you will take as much pleasure in tasting it as we take in making it.

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