Photo prise de bas de la vue des fazendas

TIJUCA spirits have their origins in different farms (fazendas) in the state of Rio de Janeiro, in the heart of Mata Atlântica, the Atlantic forest of Brazil.

Here are harvested by hand the fresh canes which offer us their natural juice so that the cachaças used in the composition of TIJUCA spirits are distilled.

By tasting TIJUCA rums and cachaça, let yourself be immersed in our tropical and rural universe.

At the beginning are the fazendas

Between mountains and ocean, everywhere slips the dense and mysterious forest. Such is the magic of Mata Atlântica.

The atmosphere is impregnated with tropical scents, refreshed by the mountain air and the sea breeze.

No pollution in these isolated places where the calm is disturbed only by the rustling of the forest and the cries of birds including that of our toucan.

It is in this natural and privileged setting, where the soils are particularly fertile, in the middle of the mountains or on the coastal plain, depending on the terroir, that sugar cane grows in abundance.

In immersion

When you visit our fazendas, your heartbeat slows and your head clears. You are now halfway between the sea and the clouds, high enough to see the future, low enough to feel the past.

If you are lucky, you can meet our mestres cachaceiros busy around their still and their barrels.

They will be happy to make you discover their fazendas, nestled in the heart of a still virgin nature and to reveal their ancestral traditions to you.

We have created TIJUCA spirits in order to share with you the treasures of these women and men whose ancestral know-how gives life to the sublime cachaças that are at their origin.