Photo d'un agriculteur dans ses champs

An eco-responsible approach

At TIJUCA, whenever we have the possibility, we adopt an eco-responsible approach for our manufacturing processes in order to participate in the preservation of the biodiversity of our terroirs.

Protecting our environment

We guide our producers towards sustainable agriculture with the following objectives: improving soil quality, balanced management of water resources, recycling waste and preserving ecosystems.

Some of our producers have already obtained organic farming certification and our desire is that all follow this path in the long term.

In addition, we are committed to participating in the safeguarding of the Brazilian coastal forest: the Mata Atlântica from which our cachaças come, by financially supporting those who fight for its preservation.

Photo de la bouteille de rhum Tijuca sans son étiquette

Preserving our resources

Aware of the fact that the resources made available to us by nature are not infinite, we take care to limit the impact of our packaging by choosing a bottle with low mass and made with a high percentage of recycled material. We also thought about innovative solutions for our overpack.

Thus, our bottle is designed so that you can reuse it and we will soon be offering to replace the overwrap with a digital card that will still allow you to offer our bottle as a gift.