Photo d'un individu qui plante un arbre

We participate in the protection of the forest

TIJUCA is committed to participating in the safeguarding of the Mata Atlântica: the forest that saw the birth of the cachaças which made our spirits possible.

Our commitments are as follows:

  • The wood used comes from authorized felling and sustainably managed forests.
  • Our growers replant trees to offset the impact of barrel making.
  • Part of our turnover is donated to those who fight to save the Mata Atlântica.

Discover our reforestation actions

We reduce our carbon footprint

TIJUCA strives to reduce its carbon footprint throughout the production process.

Our commitments are as follows:

  • For those who are not yet, we encourage our producers to commit to organic farming and to the long-term management of soil, water and waste.
  • TIJUCA has chosen a bottle model with low mass and a high rate of recycled material.
  • Our bottle is designed to have a second life and we have a sustainable approach to over-packaging.