Fallen in love with Brazil

At TIJUCA we fell in love with Brazil but we don't reduce it to the exotic images we all know.

Beyond the pictures

Beyond carnival, tropical beaches and the religion of football, there is another Brazil.

Both urban and rural, rooted in tradition but looking to the future, it is constantly reinventing itself in order to improve its daily life.

From the favelas of Rio de Janeiro to the endless spaces of the Nordeste, from the urban jungle of São Paulo to the virgin forest of Amazonia, Brazil and its friendly inhabitants have not finished surprising you.

Seeking the essence and soul of a country on the move, Tijuca stands alongside those who today think about and build, in a concrete and innovative way, a fairer future for Brazil.

Tudo bem!

The magic of Brazil certainly comes from its landscapes, its extraordinarily rich fauna and flora, but also from its inhabitants. They are the ones who create this atmosphere, both so relaxed and so joyful, specific to the country and which gives a unique flavor to Brazil. Brazilians are one of the warmest people in the world, eager to communicate and curious about others.

Brazilian culture, the first support of identity, was first built through exchanges; each ethnic group contributed, forming a whole that gave the people we know today.

Our range of rums and cachaças vibrates in unison with this country. Plural and innovative, we are sure that it will make you want to discover the reality of Brazil.