Mata Atlântica: a forest to preserve

We participate in the protection of the forest

At TIJUCA we are aware of the impact that our activity can have on the Brazilian coastal forest where our spirits come from: the Mata Atlântica. Sugar cane fields have sometimes taken the place of the forest and aging barrels require wood cutting.

Today the Mata Atlântica is in danger and needs to be protected so that future generations can always benefit from its extraordinary biodiversity.

Also, we are vigilant that our producers only use authorized and managed wood for the sake of sustainability. They are also engaged in replanting operations and we help those who fight to save the forest on a daily basis.

Our commitments

  • Local producers who share our convictions in favor of environmental protection and sustainable agriculture.
  • Wood used from authorized cuts and sustainably managed forests.
  • Our support for replanting operations in order to compensate for the removal of wood used for the manufacture of the barrels.
  • The donation of part of our profits for the benefit of the municipality of Rio das Flores (RJ) which acts to safeguard the Mata Atlântica.
Every moment counts

We reduce our carbon footprint


We encourage our producers to commit to organic farming and to reconsider their entire production process from the perspective of the long-term management of soil, water, waste and air quality.

Our local producers are particularly aware of the reduction of fossil energy consumption generated by their activities and reuse crushed cane residues (bagaço) as the only fuel during the production process.


TIJUCA has chosen a low-mass bottle model in order to save glass, the production of which generates carbon.

This bottle is produced mainly from scrap glass, an element that minimizes the use of new raw materials (quantity of recycled raw material equal to 70%).


Rather than directing you towards a case, a source of ephemeral waste, we prefer to encourage you to use our virtual cards to accompany your gift purchase.

If you nevertheless want a case, it will be paid for at cost price and will have a second life as a utilitarian object.


For its Brazilian Blended Rum, TIJUCA has designed a bottle that turns into a carafe after removing its label and encourages you to keep its bottle after use.

Our commitments

  • Supporting our local producers to reduce their carbon footprint and protect the environment.
  • Use of a low-mass bottle design to save glass, the production of which is carbon-intensive.
  • Optimized production cycle in order to reduce the necessary resources and avoid any waste.
  • Bottle designed to have a second life and an innovative approach to over-packaging.