A range in the making

Building on the success of Brazilian Blended Rum, TIJUCA is gradually offering a full range of spirits based on cachaça blends. We thus wish to allow you to discover the infinite riches of the Brazilian terroirs and the know-how of their master cachaceiros.

The range to come will be faithful to the DNA of TIJUCA: quality products, inventive and capable of renewing your interest in rum. All this while respecting our eco-responsible commitments.

Cachaças and rums

In 2021, TIJUCA put on the market a blend of white cachaças from organic farming, aged in different woods and carefully refined by one of our producers. Called SINGLE ORGANIC CACHACA, it is an original recipe, particularly suitable for making caipirinha and our other signature cocktails.

In 2022 was born TIJUCA NATIVE WOODS, a dry rum, without sugar, blend of five Brazilian woods perfectly reflecting the biodiversity that TIJUCA wishes to highlight.

and soon...

In a few weeks, CAPY will be born, a craft cachaça, resulting from a stainless steel/jequitiba blend, always faithful to the DNA of TIJUCA.

In the future, TIJUCA will make you discover other ever more inventive products.

Born in the Brazil of today, the TIJUCA range will reflect the reality of the country, both urban and rural, steeped in tradition but also turned towards modernity.