Très facile
5 min

Delicious with pineapple or maracuja (passion fruit), the CAÏPIFRUTAS are available according to the seasons and everyone's imagination.

Jeremy's secret * : Depending on your preference, this cocktail can be made with raspberries or any other red fruit when you spice it up with a little lime.

* Jeremy Benettayeb cultivates the art of mixology at the Bel Ami, a 5 stars hotel located in the heart of the Latin Quarter in Paris, where he is the head bartender. Learn more



  • 1. In a caïpirinha glass, place the strawberries
  • 2. Pour the lime juice and cane sugar
  • 3. Pound gently to dissolve the sugar in the fruit juice
  • 4. Incorporate TIJUCA Single Organic Cachaça
  • 5. Add crushed ice
  • 6. Mix everything thoroughly with a spoon and enjoy.