CAPY cachaça is an authentically Brazilian spirit which enjoys the designation “cachaça de alambique”. This name distinguishes it from industrial cachaças obtained by continuous distillation in stainless steel columns.

CAPY pays homage to the capybara, the emblematic animal of the Brazilian forests.

Faithfull to TIJUCA's DNA

True to the DNA of TIJUCA, CAPY is a blended cachaça, resulting from the simple and elegant marriage of a cachaça rested for 6 months in stainless steel and a cachaça aged for 2 years in jequitiba casks, a wood endemic to Brazil.

It is produced in a single fazenda in the state of Rio de Janeiro.


CAPY owes its premium character to the quality and freshness of the sugar cane juice from which it comes as well as to the know-how involved in its production.

CAPY benefits from the juice of sugar cane grown exclusively on site, cut by hand and processed within a maximum of 24 hours after harvest.

After a natural fermentation of approximately 24 hours, the distillation takes place in a single pass in a copper still, respecting ancestral traditions.