In the world of spirits, the blend consists of harmonizing several drinks aged in different wooden barrels or with different maturation times, in search of balance and identity.

At TIJUCA, the art of mixing is part of our DNA; follow the guide...

That good old Johnnie!

This blend has the potential to elevate the virtues of the final product as each wood transfers different features to the distillate.

It all started with wines, with the blending of grapes, what winemakers call the cut, and it came to prominence with whiskeys, legalized in the British Empire by Queen Victoria in 1860.

The story goes that Johnnie Walker, a grocery store owner in Scotland, first blended teas, to achieve a consistent, stable flavor. Subsequently, he replicated the experiment for whiskey, to the satisfaction of his customers.

Brazil, land of mixing

Photo d'un verre de rhum rempli

The blend technique is now beginning to make its way among Brazilian cachaça producers and there is no doubt that it has a great future ahead of it.

Indeed, while all the other spirits are almost exclusively aged in oak wood, the greatest privilege of cachaça is to combine and balance the essences of the different woods used in aging for the benefit of a vibrant complexity of aromas.

With Brazil boasting at least 42 woods used for aging cachaça, this allows mestres cachaceiros to unleash their talents with this extensive offering of variations and blending options.

At TIJUCA we imagined that this could lead us to new horizons, likely to surprise you and renew your desire for spirits. Many possibilities are available to us and we look forward to making you discover them.